Sunday Shuffle

I got tons of class work to do this week before Christmas break. Geography papers and an exam.

Damn it.

Here are some songs I picked randomly:

MP3: Stars – On Peak Hill
MP3: Stephen Malkmus – Malediction
MP3: Gemma Hayes – Nothing Can
MP3: Vetiver – Farther On
MP3: Feist – Now At Last



MP3: Mark Mallman – Turn On of the Century

I can’t get this song out of my head (not that I want it to). It’s just so damn catchy much like the rest of the songs in his latest album, Between the Devil and the Middle C. Oh, interesting fact: this Minnesotan rocker/piano man once performed a marathon 52.4-hour song back in September 2004. Yeah, crazy.

visit his official site
Mark Mallman on myspace

Don’t Freak Out On Me

Oklahoma band Evangelicals offer a tribute to Halloween with this light and easy song replete with acoustic guitar, tambourine goodness and ghoulish yet cute backing vocals.

MP3: Evangelicals – The Halloween Song

Buy their CD at Misra Records
Evangelicals on myspace

       gloomy sundae eating
Everyone who knows me personally knows that I love Rilo Kiley and in turn, I love every thing Jenny Lewis does (if you haven’t seen Jenny Lewis’ heart- breaking turns in Troop Beverly Hills or the obviously Nintendo-bankrolled The Wizard, get thee to Blockbuster/Netflix). So imagine my excitement when I heard that J Lew was making a solo project with the help of the lovely Watson Twins. When I got hold of her debut album, Rabbit Fur Coat, I ate it all up and listened to the songs non-stop for days. It’s one of my favorite albums of the year, as of today.

Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins have a new song out and they perfomed it at Conan last week. Give it a listen:

MP3: Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins – Fernando

And no, it’s not an ABBA remake.

Video of J Lew and company perfoming Fernando at Conan:

(watch it before NBC takes it down!)

visit the official site
visit their myspace

Worry not, munchkins

           please stand by...
Apologies for my lack of world-changing views over the past week or so, but I have been abducted by a rich 30-something man who fancied my unique brand of intrigue and has taken me snowboarding in Argentina.

Actually, I lie. I’ve just been busy, slacking, and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Cheers to all the people concerned about my wellbeing. I’m as mentally unstable as ever!

But I shall be divvying up some new textual intercourse and vomiting it on this blog in the very near future. Cheerio!


MP3: Peter Bjorn and John – Young Folks

you meet at myspace, of all places. you message her. it was something witty. she answers back. she’s interested. you message back and forth for days. you share interesting tidbits about yourself. she does too. she shares some stories and so do you. you ask for her if she wants to chat on AIM. she gladly obliges. you chat. you chat for long periods. you don’t care about the time. she doesn’t either. she thinks you’re nice. more than nice. great. you think the same of her.

days later you talk on the phone. you talk about your imperfections. she shares hers as well. she likes you just the same. hours seem to disappear. you stick around and see a few nights through. you love every minute of it. you plan to meet after several chats. you haven’t looked forward to anything like this in your entire life.


Peter, Bjorn and John are from Stockholm Sweden. Peter & Bjorn met as teenagers and in 1999 they met John. Since then it’s been hundred of gigs, 2 albums, many ep’s & singles, lots of love and lots of fussing and fighting.

visit them at myspace

Asobi Seksu: Citrus

When you’re a big dork like me, any kind of music infused with shoegaze guitars and sweet J-pop vocals is good. Asobi Seksu’s latest LP Citrus takes it to the next level, making lush pop that isn’t too saccharine sweet; providing just the right amount of doses. It’s lovely shoegaze and it’s very, very good.

Here are some songs:

MP3: Asobi Seksu – Strawberries
MP3: Asobi Seksu – Thursday

visit the band’s website